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Welcome to My Life

omg to day was awesome. i got to see anneliese yay =). first we went out to eat with some friends at this place called cafe east its a chinese/asian resturant. her friends are cool. ones a litte weird.  and no KT its not u, if u read this, *whisper* its not libby either  lol.    so yeah tht leaves one person.  well after tht we went too see spidey 3 yay. then to barnes and nobles tht was fun libby kept finding these weird books about love and marriage. lol gosh tht was weird.  but everything was fun, i got to hug anneliese twice.they were really nice hugs i mite add. lol.  anneliese if ur reading *hug* lol. but *sigh* then i had to go. ah but it was awesome. i love anneliese.  well thts enough from me for today. until next time, c ya.

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lol i stole this from anneliese, lol sorry.

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hey, its been a while since i've posted, well im bak. well today i got contacts finally, im having a lot of trouble with the right eye, the left eyes doing ok, but that damn right eye. lol. well exams are now, today i took math and latin, they were both pretty easy i thought, and tomorow i have no exams yayyayay. then wedneday religion and science, then thursday LAST DAY OF SCHOOL i have comp lit, and english.  then friday im leaving for shreveport(5 and 1/2 hour long drive) to see my bros medical school graduation. yep. i'll be bored, but i'll have my ipod with me so thats good. yeah well not much has happened recently,  well something did happen with me and a certain person, but u dont need to know. (this is funny b/c i only have one friend on LJ and thts the person im refering to, lol) oh and bailey this girl who liked me finally stopped calling YES!!, its about time, she was getting quite annoying, lol. well thats all thts been going on, so yeah well, im gonna end this journal now, so long and goodnight(its not night yet, but i felt like saying that, yeah, lol w/e pease out yall.

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this from


. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if they don't make sense.
You'll be surprised though.

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Ah, well. School is almost over, exams are coming up, I'm doing pretty well in my classes, no worries.  Well this year has been one of the most interersting years of my life, so much happened.  I met some awesome people at Jesuit, a few include, Taylor, Jarvis, Cal Nick, Michael, Alex, Connor, Mark, and so many other people.  I've met some awesome people outside of school too, a few would be, ANNELIESE, Kathleen, Valerie too i guess lol. jk. Well, school was awesome my first year at jesuit, i laughed at least once in every class everyday.  Teachers for the most part have been cool. I've learned a lot of new things, mainly latin. By the way, next year I'll be taking latin, and ancient greek, lol yeah, wish me luck. I've discovered new talents i guess you could say, i learned i could write stuff, like poems.  yeah. Well thus far, things have been good. and I hope summer will be just as awesome, hopefully even better, and i get to see anneliese more yay. Ah well, i dont have anything else to say at the moment. so c ya.

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Well, this week was another normal week but some different and really good things happened. Well i just got home from working the switchboard at school, i have to because i'm on finacial aid. So i waited in the courtyard and noticed my friend Anneliese's brother. So i decided to wait a little longer, because i knoew she would be coming with her mom or dad to pick him up. Around 4 she did show up =). Then this other person she knows from my school, saw her and ran up to her. He started talking, i wasnt paying attention at all to what he was saying. lol, and Anneliese stole a few of my doriotos i had. lol, its ok Anneliese. Today was cool that i got to see her. Nothing else really happened so far this week, well one good thing did, but i'm not telling you. shhh...it's a secret. Well tomorow theres a block party going on on my block. I might go, maybe i'll get a chance to go to a friends house. AMANDA MAYBE. lol, and Anneliese can go again, that would be cool, and we can watch eddie izzard again. lol "AH FUCK ALL"  eddie izzard says tht a lot, hes an executive british transvestite,  yes executive. Well, there isn't much else to say here, so i guess im'a gonna go'a now'a.  tht was weird.  ok well Goodbye.

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Hello, this is my second journal entry, pretty cool eh.  I'm really starting to like this LJ stuff.  Well, i just got home from school. The school day went by pretty fast. Today was a Day 4, that means slot 4, followed by 5, 6, 7, 1, 2.  Math was, well Math, I got a 71 on my math quiz  =(, i still have a B, I can bring that up, its ok.  Next up Latin, same as always got a 91 on my quiz =). Then 10 minute break, first day since last wendsday its been 10 minutes, b/c Seniors are going to be graduating, and they've been doing some pretty stupid stuff at 10 minute break, causing "Top", the nickname of our discpliarian, to cut it short.  Luckily they're taking their exams this week, so no commotion. Then Computer Litteracy, working on my powerpoint with my stupid partner, who does nothing but play with the animatiions. Then english always a blast, with Mr. Powers, the coolest teacher ever.  It actually was boring today, all we did was read Jurrasic Park: The Lost World, for our quiz tomorow.  We have to read to page 214, I'm on page 65.  Yeah, I should be reading right now, but no, I'm taking time, to post this entry. =).  Then Lunch, very good period.  Some stupid idiots kept spraying the people in the snack machine lines, with a hose that was lying on the ground.  I knew the stupid Junior, from, track, who was doing it, so I went and yelled at him and his friends a bit.(I'm only in 8th grade, but hes a short junior, lol) Then Speech class, working on my 4-5 minute speech on Child Abuse, is looking easier then i thought it would be(I need a powerpoint for it, AHH SO MANY POWERPOINTS TO DO) Then finished off the day with Religion.  I Wrote my 3rd song there today(YAY) Religion was pretty funny today.  The teacher found out oen student thinks another students sister is hott, lol. So, she's like "Does that make you mad, knowing that he wants to make out with your sister", She was just kidding around with him. All good though. Then I went home, changed my clothes, and now I'm writing this.  Sorry, if my life seems boring so far.  Give it some time, allow some good and bad and weird and interesting things to happen in my life.  I'll tell all here, just bear with me.

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I'ts time for me to add a poem on here now, tell me what you think.  i've never told anyone the reason why i wrote that, (srryyy anneliese, i know you, asked, but i didn't feel like saying) well again i liked 2 girls  (WHY 2) and it's like i was stuck between the two, HINT HINT THE FIRST LINE or so. of course it's all exagerated, i mean, i liked them and all, but the depth of the poem is far to great for my feelings alone. but still, i do believe that it slightly portrays what was happening. yeahhhh, well just read.  I call it Destiny.

im stuck between two societies, awaken from a dream to meet two realities. now i know it was a fantasy, to live happily inside my quiet sleep. this life is stuck on the fear of disapearing memories. take away all my sobriety, i want to fall back into peaceful sleep. i want to lay down underneath the trees, and stare above at my one and only star, so near and so far. now a bright light has come from down in my heart, it gave me a start onto something new. a blinding glare of the two so fare, cast a shadow on me that causes me to believe, that what i need comes from two. the sweet calamity of my hearts different pleas. seperates the things i know, what to do, where to go, i'm in discord all because of two. the melodic disharmonized, different strides, of my life. one going left, one going right. it takes my breath away, keeps me thinking all night. tell me is this destiny, that is the fatality of one reality that i need to live in harmony, with my heart, with my soul, which you can't console. i'm sorry for these rhymes, i didn't mean to whine, i just want to get it out there. i need a breath of fresh air, if i plan to care, about what happens in my life. i want to fall into a haze, the wonders of your gaze. i want you in this life. bleeding hearts have come apart, but i've got two to break. but one is just a fake, i created for love's sake. i want to stop this way. these words are written sincerely, they are spoken so dearly. i am so confused, my heart doesn't use any clarity, i want you so fiercely, i want to know me. i want to know my heart. i want to know my soul. i want to know why, there is this fight. i want to end my destructive delight.

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Well, today one of my bestest friends(Anneliese, love her, as a friend of course lol) ever invited me here. My day today has been somewhat boring and unproductive.  My brother John(i have 3, John, Pat and Jason) left to go back to memphis, tennesee with his wife nancy, my sister-in-law(i also have 3, Nancy Laine and Jackalyn), they had come in to attend a wedding shower i believe. I had to give up my bed for them to sleep in. ='(.  I really should be working on my 4-5 minute speech on child abuse right now, but i dont feel like it.  Also i have to work on an outline for a religion project, (my group sucks, they're all so lazy*sigh*) i also have to work on a powerpoint for computer literacy(again my partner is retarded, he does nothing but play with the animations while i work hard making the slides.) You know, im starting to like this live journal thing, its quite fun. I had to leave a minute ago, my bro. jason came to visit for a few minutes, then he made fun of the times in the 400 meter dash in track in the paper.(he was pretty fast back in high school(hes 23, pats 26, johns 29.) (now there techincally not my real brothers, there my half brothers, this means, my mom was married to there dad and had them, they got divorced then my mom married my dad and had me, get it. no?, ehhh well dotn worry it isnt important) Anyway, today i also cut my neighbors grass, the husband just had surgery, so i'll be doing that for a little while.  And now, im sittin on a chair typing this diary entry, ill take this oportunity to say a few things. Well, right now im really confused about some things, you see i really like these 2 girls,*sigh* yes 2, dammit, its always 2, why not just one.  Well i know one likes me, no clue about the other one, and right now, im just sitting back letting what ever happens happen. The good thing about all of this is, that summers all most here and school almost over(My first year as a jesuit bluejay has almost come to an end) and i'll have time to think about thing, i'll have time to actually like go places with them if i wish. Lets just say, I'll be free. As of the moment, my life thus far is has been alright, good times, bad times, wonderful times, horrible times. ups downs, twists and turns, the usual in any1's life. yeah. Now, i'll say some stuff about my school. Jesuit High School *sigh* a great place(that i wont miss over the summer hahaha) about 2 or 3 hott teachers lol. some amazing teacher, some hilarious teachers. Some retarded teachers, some gay teachers.  In my one year here, i've made so many new friend in and out of school(a good example would be Anneliese, by the way, I'll mention her a lot, so get used to it) Awesome friends in school include, Jarvis, Nick, Stephen, Steven, Michael, Mark, Cal, Taylor, Connor, Marcel, and many others, including my friends from track and field(im really fast lol) chris, anthony, warren, phil, laz, brian. to many friends to name. my time there so far, has been absolutle awesome, so fun, i probably laughed at least once in every class. But, Exams are coming up AHHHH  I REALLY WANT AN A IN MATH SO FAR I HAVE AN 89 WHICH IS A B  AND A 90 IS AN A. AHHHHH. other than that, everything is really good. Well, i think this has been a good first LJ post, so until next time this is ryan saying lets all go jump into a strange bowl of cereal and milk. ~Sama~

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